Affordable Housing Viability Assessments

Affordable Housing can be a significant cost to Residential and Mixed Use development schemes and providing Affordable Housing in compliance with the Local Authority’s target can render some development schemes unviable.

However, Central Government planning guidance offers a reprieve, where it can be shown that providing too much Affordable Housing can lead to unviability.

At Harrisons we have specialist knowledge and experience in challenging the Affordable Housing thresholds and proportions on a site by site basis, by appraising the scheme and negotiating affordable housing requirements to ensure that a development scheme can proceed in a viable manner.

As part of a typical instruction, Harrisons can provide developer and landowner clients the following service:

  • Liaise with the Architects and Town Planners to understand the proposed scheme
  • Produce our own Development Appraisal using Argus Developer
  • Produce appraisals using the Greater London Authority Affordable Housing Toolkit or HCA Development Appraisal Tool, depending on the Local Authority
  • Demonstrate the level of affordable housing that can be supported by a scheme
  • Produce a report confirming our findings
  • Negotiate directly with the Council or their representatives
  • Represent you in planning appeals – informal and formal appeal process
  • Act as an Expert Witness in support of the viability of the scheme

The savings that can be made from reducing the level of Affordable Housing will in most cases be substantial in comparison to providing Affordable Housing in accordance with the Local Authority’s standard target policy.

To discuss how we can assist you in this matter and provide a fee proposal, please contact us.