Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

Harrisons Chartered Surveyors can assist you in dealing with Compulsory Purchase issues and Compensation claims.

We can provide advice both prior to formal Compulsory Purchase Orders being granted and after, including the following services:

  • Advice on blight and valuations
  • Seeking confirmation that CPO promoters will pay claimants professional advisor fees
  • Negotiating a sale by agreement
  • Responding to Notices
  • Protecting your interest in land
  • Advice and drafting objections and representations to CPO’s
  • Advice on planning status
  • Liaising with other specialist professionals, where necessary
  • Expert Witness representation at the CPO Inquiry
  • Advising on the potential impact of the CPO and the claimant’s rights
  • Negotiating compensation settlements in accordance with the legislation

Please contact one of our surveyors to discuss how we can best assist you.