Expert Witness & Arbitration

We understand that not all disputes can be resolved through negotiation. In many cases one of the parties will usually refer the matter to a Court or an Arbitrator / Independent Expert.

Whichever route to resolving the dispute is followed, Harrisons have professional advisors who can represent you whether the matter is to be heard by an Arbitrator, Independent Expert or a Court.

We provide Expert Witness / Representation services for a range of circumstances including valuations for:

  • Litigation purposes
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Matrimonial and partnership disputes
  • Leasehold enfranchisement
  • Rent reviews and lease renewals
  • Taxation matters

Expert Witness
One of our senior Chartered Surveyors can act as an Expert Witness, either appointed by one of the parties or as Single Joint Expert.

If appointed by a single party, the Expert will consider the matter in question and use his detailed knowledge and expertise to provide an initial report confirming his opinion.  The Expert can then closely liaise with your legal team to engage with the other party and if agreement is not possible, he will be able to attend Court, where necessary.

As a Single Joint Expert, the Expert Witness can provide a report setting out his opinions which can often form the basis of an agreement between the parties. If agreement is not possible the Expert Witness can be available for attendance at Court, if necessary.

Arbitration or Independent Expert
Having regard to the procedure as set out by the Arbitrator / Independent Expert, our professional advisor can make representations on your behalf, normally in report form, setting out the details of the dispute, our expert opinions and supporting  evidence.